Using Craigs List for Realtors


Craigs List Ads for Realtors


Craigslist is a real marketplace that should not be taken lightly. Some realtors are finding excellent success using this web site. The key to success is to do it often and make attractive posts and video. Embedding video is somewhat tricky because you have to use HTML and it has to follow Craigs List standards, otherwise your ad will be "ghosted" by Craigs List.

Please keep in mind that whenever you are trying to corner certain key word phrases you need to put your original content in at least 10-12 places and keep on doing it. Other great places to put content for Realtors include:






                                                   BackPage SEO and Marketing


Your Own Web Site

Your Own Blog


Facebook Business

Google Plus

Many, Many more

The recent changes to the Google Panda algorithm stress using backlinks that are relative to what we are talking about. Realtors need to be using backlinks of Real Estate web sites. I enjoy the art of SEO and back linking very much. It is a great way to inject your personality into web site and differentiate your self from the crowd. It is best to pick a niche which will sort you out of the millions of searches out there on Google.

Start by capturing your local farming areas. Neighborhoods, Condominiums, Home-owners associations, names of towns, your own name. Own your words and the customers will find you. Good examples include: "Farming area real estate, Real estate "farming area", "Farming area "Homes for sale", Homes for sale "farming area, luxury homes "farming area", farming area "luxury homes".