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Private Money Financing is alive and kicking in Florida!

This type of private investor financing has taken quite a journey since the dog days of 2007-2010. Private Investors who lent money at 65% loan to value actually found themselves upside down on the private money they put out on the street.

Private Money Financing in Florida or Hard Money Loans in Florida is now being dealt by large institutional Investors who have the whole process buttoned up.

Terms have changed for the better. Loan to Values being given have gone up. Lenders are seriously considering 80-90%. The appraiser who arrives at your value is a licensed appraiser who knows how to do a 203K appraisal which states the current as is value versus the after improvement value.  


 Click here to see video: Private money loans - Florida

 Preston Ware



Posted by Preston Ware on November 22nd, 2014 7:38 PM


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