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Homeowners Insurance premiums and guidelines are constantly changing so you need an insurance agent who is keeping an eye on the marketplace for you each and every year.

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Kirstein Insurance Services offers a wide variety of insurance policies for all of their clients, however, most of their inquires are for the following insurance products :

  • Florida Homeowners Insurance
  • Florida Auto Insurance
  • Florida Business Insurance
  • Florida Condo Insurance
  • Florida Flood Insurance
  • Florida Motorcycle Insurance
  • Florida Rental Property / Landlord Insurance
  • Florida Renters Insurance
  • Florida SR-22 Forms for Proof of Insurance
  • Florida Watercraft Insurance

At Kirstein Insurance Services, they provide you with the personalized attention you deserve and the professional service you demand. Many of my borrowers under estimate the fact that they need to secure their policy well in advance of their closing. I have found Kirstein Insurance  very reliable in getting the task of binding coverage done in a timely manner as well as explaining options and arriving at a low premium.

Specializing in serving clients in the tri-county area, they are up-to-date on the most recent insurance regulations and have the expertise to work on your behalf in a timely manner. Like I mentioned earlier, finding you the perfect policy for your individual needs and providing multiple Florida insurance quotes is what is needed in today's constantly shifting maketplace.

 Possible ways of Adjusting your premium:

These are the types of things that you can review with your agent

I recall on my home the premium went from $5000 down to $2200 just by changing my provider and also lowering the amount of contents coverage.

Many people suggest playing with the amount of the deductible on the policy but banks kind of put a stop to that when they started mandating that the customer had a deductible no larger than 2%. (Especially a few years ago when we had B/C loans) Some lenders took the view that if we have a shakey customer to begin with we don't want to take a chance on them having a major problem and a customer who cannot cover their deductable.

Another great way to lower your premium is by lowering your contents coverage. I recall my policy had contents coverage of $75,000. I don't know about you but my couch, TV and furniture does not approach contents of $75,000. Maybe customers with a lot of jewelry would need this amount of coverga e but many would not. I think what needs to be said to the insurance agent is that you don't want "replacement cost coverage" you would rather have "depreciated value coverage" on the contents.

In the last few years many insurance providers have started asking for a copy of the 4 point inspection done by a home inspector. This report examines the roof, the plumbing, the electrical and the A/C. There is also a wind mitigation portion of this report which gives an assessment of the sturdiness of the roof and the effective age of the roof. This 4 point inspection report will save an average customer any where from $500 to $1000 a year on home owners premium. Nowadays the wind mitigation report is almost mandatory especially if you need to go through the state sponsored carrier Citizens.

I view this report as good money spent because it brings up potential flaws in the home that you are purchasing and it will save you on your yearly premium each and every year going forward. It will give you a "cost to cure" of any potential problems which should be brought to the attention of your realtor who can potentially haggle down the purchase price a little more if there are major issues or get them fixed.



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