Manufactured Home Loans Florida

This is a segment of loans that is currently becoming very unpopular with many lenders but I still can help you.

(Written 2 years ago, this is no longer true)

Many banks have closed their manufactured loan programs because of poor demand on Wall Street but I still have two excellent outlets with excellent pricing. I would say in the last two months I can think of ten banks that have completely stopped lending on this type of loan. The reason why banks are no longer going after this business is that they monitor the performance of their portfolios. They will literally make charts and graphs as to how well customers are consistantly paying their mortgages. In recent months they have noticed a spike in foreclosures within this segment of mortgages. Manufactured Homes are no longer available under the USDA government sponsored 100% program.

The good news is that I have two sources that will still lend on this type of housing. Lets stop talking about what we can't do and talk about what we can do:

Interest Rates  5% to 5.5% Fixed


  • 96.5% Financing
  • Primary Residence
  • The home must be attached to the ground
  • Loans $65,000 and higher
  • StreamLine Refinances Available
  • Middle credit scores as low as 600


 Effective April 1st 2011,  I will be able to begin doing loans for manufactured housing that sit in a "mobile home park" These homes typical are referred to as car loans because in many cases the owner of the home does not own the land on which the home sits.


Also effective April 1 2011, I will be able to provide financing for singlewides/doublewides homes that sit in a trailer park that is zoned as a co-op. I am very excited about this but I must say that on these types of loans the rates will range from 7%-17%. Somewhat of a high rate but at least we can finance the deal. But yes, I am very happy to say that I can help customers who wish to finance singlewides or doublewides that are in rental communities 

Right now I am focusing on helping all of my doublewide customers in Florida so please give me a call



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