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I have been a mortgage professional for about twenty years now working in all facets of the business. One thing that I see nowadays is that the Realtor is on the Front Line with the customer. We Mortgage Bankers may need to qualify a buyer before they go shopping but normally a customer will begin the search by looking at homes on their own or on line and then they get with a Realtor. It is Important for All Realtors to be Successful with Their Internet Marketing Efforts if They Wish to Compete in Today's Internet Based Markets.

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This is an E-Book dedicated to people in Real Estate or Finance who are trying to increase their return on time invested. Fishing from another pond so to speak in an attempt to enlarge your area of influence and close a few more deals a year.Sort of like a baseball player who wishes to increase his batting average 50 points or a pitcher who wishes to hit his target 33% of the time more often to take that earned run average down to 2.00% ERA instead of 3.00% ERA. 

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I have created a comprehensive guide for Realtors who need a little tutoring in what they need to do if they want to increase their on line presence representing themselves as the "go to" expert for their local neighborhoods.$3.95

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Two of My Favorite Random Acts of SEO : Google Adsense and RSS Feeds

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The approach to conquering the Internet is similar for either the Realtor or the Lender but I believe it is somewhat easier for the Realtor because the Realtor has something more tangible to sell. The Mortgage Broker or Mortgage Banker is selling a concept, a mortgage rate or a payment. The Realtor can get you on the phone and say, “Hey, Look at that Virtual Tour!” This e-book will attempt to touch upon useful ideas and useful tools on three different levels, beginner, intermediate and advanced.


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