Reverse Mortgages:the Facts

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With a reverse mortgage also called a home equity conversion loan, homeowners of a certain age (62) may use home equity for living expenses without having to sell their homes. Choosing between a monthly payment amount, a line of credit, or a lump sum, you may take out a loan amount determined by your equity. Paying back your loan isn't necessary until after the borrower sells the home, moves (such as into a care facility) or dies. At that time you have 12 months to sell the home that is no longer used as your primary residence. Your estate must pay back the lender for the money you received from your reverse mortgage in addition to interest and other fees and then the remainder goes to the family like any other estate.

Are you Eligible?

The conditions of a reverse mortgage often include being 62 or older, using the home as a primary residence, and having a low balance on your mortgage or owning your home outright. My favorite source for this product will issue you a very snappy pre-approval. It explains your unique situation and begins to discuss your options. It also has a very extensive frequently asked questions sections that will answer many of your questions up front.

You always have the option of taking a LUMP Sum
A stream of payments for the remainder of your life as long as you live
A line of credit that is used similar to a home equity line of credit, but there is no payment.

Reverse mortgages are advantageous for retired homeowners or those who are no longer bringing home a paycheck and need to add to their limited income. Social Security and Medicare benefits can not be affected; and the money is nontaxable. Reverse Mortgages may have adjustable or fixed interest rates. Your lending institution will not take the property away if you outlive your loan nor will you be obligated to sell your residence to pay off your loan even when the balance is determined to exceed property value.

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