Single Property Websites for Florida Realtors

Single Property Websites are a tool that I use to support my Realtors in Florida. This is an added feature to any listing presentation. We are living in an internet age so anyone who is not on the leading edge of the curve is falling behind. There is no cost to the realtor.

As you may gather from my website I know a little something about SEO and getting noticed on the web. A single page website will NOT get noticed from a SEO perspective but it can be used to gain more traffic to your listing and increase sales.

The #1 benefit of this tool is to collect buyers. The call and text capture features allow you to post your listing around the web and interact with customers looking to purchase a home.  You can very easily place links on web sites such as Craigs List, Back page, Trulia, Avtive rain, Twitter or Facebook. Also if you have an email marketing campaign, this will compliment it nicely.

Call capture has been around for years and has been improved with the added feature of text capture. Here is an example of how it will appear on the web site.

Text "12161" to 415-877-1411

Or Call 415-877-1411 and press 12161


The would be prospect either calls or texts one of the options and the dialing in # is captured and emailed to myself and the realtor. We then jump on the phone and we are speaking with a person looking to buy a home. Usually the would be buyer is most appreciative and impressed by your level of customer service. If both the mortgage guy and the realtor make the call in a timely fashion it really makes a good impression. This feature can be taken one step further by placing a rider on your neighborhood sign to meet local traffic the old fashion way.  

An added benefit of this program is the potential it offers meeting FSBO's and sellers for the first time. You can create the page before you go into your listing presentation and it makes for a great sales tool. By collecting a series of digital photographs the system automatically generates a very sharp looking virtual tour, free of charge.

If you have a web site place the links on there for content and search engine optimization purposes. A link is a link is a link.

If you have your listing already prepared, I can do the work for you. Please give me a call or an email if you would like to discuss. I am hoping to develope long term relationships with this tool, not to mention find some loans.


This is something that I offer to any Florida Realtor


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