The Top Ten Reasons Why You want to Do Business with me

I have worked in the Mortgage Business for 20 Years and understand what it is to be a Mortgage Broker as well as a Mortgage Banker.

I recently moved back to the brokering side of life because I feel that it has many advantages.

Preston Ware - 20 Years Experience

NMLS License # 216170

 My Direct Line:

1.  I have been a mortgage professional for 20 years and have created a team that is dedicated to delivering world class service to my clients and referral partners


2.   My team and I are students of our profession. We continue to educate ourselves, clients, and referral partners, through continued training, extensive reading, research and seminars. We are forward thinking and know how to fit the pieces of the puzzle together to create more smooth transactions and closed loans. We make it Easy!

3.   Our company is independently owned and operated. We are a local broker servicing Florida and California with no corporate red tape. 


4.   We have built our book of business on purchase transactions, which accounts for

       about 70% of our business. We are at our best when the clock is ticking. Working on the broker side, we are able to move much faster than the slow moving banks.


5.   My company has in-house processing. They only get paid when your loan closes so their motivation is to get your loan done fast. My staff is available to address any issues or concerns that arise on any file at any time. 


6.   My underwriters typically have turn times of 1-3 days. They are always available to discuss any unusual scenarios or any potential challenges before we submit your file!


7.    I run your DO or LP (automated underwriting- Desktop Originator or Loan Prospector) and review all loan docs in order to issue a true Loan Pre-approval  letter way in the beginning of the process.


8.   My team and I offer automatic systematic updates via phone and email. These updates begin at pre-qualification of you, the borrower and continue until closing. These automated updates are delivered to all parties involved including the Realtors. Everyone is kept in the loop.


9.   I do not disappear after closing. I will follow up with you after closing after you have settled into your new home or after your refinance when you are reaping the benefits of a lower monthly payment.


10. I continue to market to my closed clients after closing. I don’t want to be your Lender on just one transaction. I want to be your lender for life. It is nice to do business with friends. Hopefully in time I will get an opportunity to meet your friends, family, and coworkers as you goon through life.


I am NOT the bank that is the 800 lb Guerilla. I care about You and YOUR Loan. Unlike extremely large lending institutions your file will not be passed from department to department, lost in the shuffle. I am your sole point of contact throughout the entire process. 

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