Mortgage Banker Videos Florida - These videos are for everyone to use. For the most part I help customers in the State of Florida. If I can't help you I will be more than happy to send you in the right direction.

9StepstoOwnership -Professional video describing the major steps that a borrower goes through during the decision of purchasing a home.

16 Steps to Getting a Mortgage and Purchasing a Home - This is my link that I prepared with my buddy realtor Marc Jablon. We talk about all of the things that go on simultaneously as you coordinate your closing with the mortgage guy,the realtor and as you search for a home, make an offer, get a home inspection, get mortgage financing and close we will coach you as far as what the next step will be.

FirstTimeHomeBuyerSeminar - This page gives provides lots of information with regards to preparing yourself for buying a home, before,during and after. If you have to build credit, using alternate forms of credit, documenting your rent payments and showing acceptable income and assets, these videos will give you an idea how far off you are.

MyMortgageProcess - This is myself explaining some of the key moments that occur when I take your loan to another bank or provide financing in house. This is a little ruff as far as today's standards but is still good information.

DebtSettlement - Many customers are faced with the issue of cleaning up their credit. I can help you attack old bad debts and take the steps to get yourself on track.

HowtoSellYourHome - Very professional video that applies to anyone who needs to list their home before you can buy somewhere else. Even though I am the mortgage guy, I can still help in this process. Over the years I have helped many for sale by owner customers with sales sheets and loan estimates. Ask me about this.

Repairing Credit and Settling Debts - This is me again talking about repairing credit and settling debts. Never give up because a good credit report with benefit you for years to come when you are obtaining credit cards, car loans, student loans, getting a job etc

West Palm Beach Mortgage Banker- The Palm Beach County real estate market is solid right now. -May 2011

Fort Lauderdale Mortgage Banker- I have an interesting clip from the Sun Sentinel that states we are seeing some real action just like 2005 levels. - May 2011

Miami Real Estate Market- Miami appears to still be on the down turn. - May 2011

Boca Raton Mortgage Banker - Boca Raton Florida is a unique place in the world just like Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach. It lies right in the middle of these two major cities and seems to have plenty of demand for houses. May - 2011

Orlando Real Estate Market- Orlando is coming out of the declining market just like other parts of the state. - May 2011

Tampa Bay Mortgage Banker - The Tampa bay market is active but the median home values are being hit hard by all of the short sales and foreclosures going through the system. - May 2011

Insurance - Homeowners Insurance Should be checked once a year. If you have done your 4 - point inspection and wind mitigation forms, you can save a lot of money. - Every Year or Every Time you Buy a Home

Insurance -  Fixed Index Universal Life - 7702 plan with additional coverages. Why pay taxes on the harvest when you can pay taxes on the seeds. - I guess it has been around for Years.

Insurance 7702 Exchange is smarter than a 401K It is a simple idea. Why not fund your plan with after tax dollars (seeds) now and enjoy tax free income for your retirement as long as you are alive and life insurance for your family after you are gone. - Future

Do's and Don'ts of Getting a Mortgage - Here is a check list of things to keep in mind as you go through the mortgage process. Good for first time home buyers and a good refresher for previous homeowners - Always

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