West Palm Beach Mortgage Broker 

I still make the headline West Palm Beach Mortgage Broker eventhough most of us are bankers now. The genereral population still refers to anybody in the mortgage business doing what I do as a mortgage broker. So I assume people are at home searching Google for a mortgage broker.  For SEO purposes on the web I still do pages devoted to acting as a mortgage broker eventhough most of the business that we process we close in the name of our company and use our own funds.


Besides that I thought it would be a good time to take a look at the trend in home prices. Some appraisers say, We are still in a declining market and others say that this was over 6 months ago. Most likely, depending upon where you are looking it makes the difference. Here are a couple of graphs from zillow for West Palm Beach and City-Data for West Palm Beach provide. This is their data.  


West Palm Beach Zillow Home Value Index


Here it shows that it depends on the price range you are looking in.



Looks like the market is bouncing according to this graph. I have the feeling that inventory will eventually get purchased and we will be like Broward County which is seeing a shinking of the homes for sale again. These are two good sources of data about the housing market without being a realtor.



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