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If you are in search of luxury,oceanfront homes in the Jupiter/Stuart/Hobe Sound Palm Beach area, you have come to the right place.

Anthony Castro and Tim Wengierski can help you.

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Salt Water Life Homes is an idea originated by Tony Castro and Tim Wengierski. Salt Water Life Home Tours is the real deal brought to you by two Realtors, a pontiki operator, a bunch of amazing South Florida homes and the Atlantic Ocean.

Tony Castro and Coach Tim Wengierski are dedicated Real Estate Professionals who have a unique way of showing you luxury, oceanfront properties in Stuart/Hobe Sound/Jupiter , Tequesta and North Palm Beach.

My part would be to help you with your loan but Tony and Tim will point out to you why this is a special area of Ocean Front Properties in South Florida. This area is pristine, reasonably priced and offers more than down the road ,Isle of Palm Beach, Boca Raton and Fort Lauderdale.

Pontiki Boat Tours

Normally when I hear about Realtors and taking somebody for a ride it doesn’t usually have the best of connotations but in this case it is really something special. Tony & Tim along with Pontiki Boat Tours will take you to any of the properties you want to see by means of a very pleasant boat tour. Typically we take the tour around dusk.

Along the way you will learn about  luxury oceanfront properties or just oceanfront properties that happen to be very nice sitting on the ocean or intra-coastal.  Tony and Tim will show you the ocean appeal of the potential oceanfront purchase or listing that you are considering. These tours truly give a different perspective more than any approach to purchasing oceanfront real estate Real Estate.

Tony Castro, Tim Wengierski and Pontiki Cruises will let you take a glance from the other side of curb. The Salt Water Homes Tour will take you anywhere you wish to go in North Palm, Jupiter, Tequesta, Hobe Sound and Stuart .Terms and conditions may apply but basically they take you for an Oceanside tour of some of the finest homes this area has to offer. As you take the cruise you will have time to discuss the market and your goals and get to know your agent.

Pontiki Cruises

As you are casually sipping your adult beverage in beautiful sunny South Florida, Tony and Tim will give you the run down out there from the Atlantic Ocean side of the street. Most amenities are courtesy of Tony and Tim so why don’t you give them a call today to discuss your goals as a oceanfront or intra-coastal home buyer.

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