The 16 Steps of Getting a Mortgage and Purchasing a Home

Purchasing a Home is one of the most important decisions you will ever make in your life

(What step are you on?)

1.) You are sitting at the kitchen table writing a check to your landlord muttering to yourself that you are throwing away money to this person who cares nothing about you or your family. Suddenly your accountant calls and he or she reminds you about the tax benefits of owning a home not to mention that mortgage rates and home prices are at all time lows and your monthly payment would be less anyways. Then the A/C repair guy walks in the back door and tells you that the landlord has neglected to properly maintain the up keep on your A/C unit and it will be 5 days before the part comes in and you better be prepared to sweat a little bit. A little bit agitated you start shopping for a mortgage professional and a realtor.





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