FHA Cashout Refinance in Florida

FHA Cashout Refinance Florida

  • 85% Loan to Value
  • Credit scores as low as 600 (Middle)

An Fha Cash - Out Refinance is the type of mortgage that is still needed when a customer needs cash out for an important reason such as paying off a debt or a group of debts. 

FHA will allow you to pull cash out from your home with a credit score as low as 600 versus Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac who like to see the middle credit score around 700 to avoid major hits to pricing. There is no penalty to rate for a low credit score with FHA unlike Fannie/Freddie who have stiff penalties under a 700 middle score. With conventional financing there is typically better credit scores and more cash in the purchase.If you have debts to consolidate or you need a lump sum of cash for an important purpose it will justify taking the cash out of your home. 50% of the homes in Florida are underwater so if you are in a position to do this , you are doing well. Look at the change in your mortgage payment versus the minimum payments on all the debts that you are clearing and you should see a nice improvement in your monthly cash flow.

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