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I am a local Fort Lauderdale Mortgage Banker with 20 years’ experience helping my clients achieve their goals of home ownership or just saving some money. I work for a mid-sized mortgage bank with several branches throughout the state. We have excellent  interest rates and world class service.

Fort Lauderdale mortgage news

Looking at the most recent graph provided by,
we see nice appreciation from the year before. Our market seems to be moving along steadily. Volume appears to be about the same or a little less compared to the last time we checked.



In 2013, home prices were drastically on the rise in the Fort Lauderdale. The frenzy has appeared to slow, beginning of 2014. The biggest problem I see so far this year in 2014 is that there are not enough good homes on the market. Borrowing costs remain low but are expected to rise.

 Fort Lauderdale Home Prices 2013

You can see by the graph provided by that Fort Lauderdale is seeing some of the fastest appreciation in the state. I have had many borrowers who are unable to get under contract because of the fierce competition. If at all possible, I strongly suggest making your offer as a Fannie Mae offer vs an FHA offer because many listings are putting verbiage right in the MLS listing stating "No Fha" . Fannie Mae financing will also yield a lower payment with better terms on mortgage insurance. To learn more on that please see my page dedicated to comparing Fannie Mae 95% and FHA 96.5% side by side.

This perception among Realtors that FHA financing is a problem is due to the belief that there is more scrutiny with a FHA appraisal vs a Fannie Mae appraisal. I believe the real issue is that home prices are going up so quickly, the comparables of similar homes are hard to find.

If you are a buyer in the Fort Lauderdale real estate arena, be prepared for an appraisal that may come in low, and be prepared to make up the difference because many sellers are not budging.

Here is a another chart provided by the folks over at As you can see the four year trend of steady appreciation in home prices in three different neighborhoods of Fort Lauderdale. If you are able to get under contract you are making a good investment.

Why should I be your Fort Lauderdale mortgage lender? - I get this question a lot these days because many mortgage companies have switched the way they do business.

 "I am a mortgage lender because I work for a company with a major office in Fort Lauderdale. As a bank we use our own money for funding and we close your loan in our own name. My company later sells your loan on Wall Street to a servicer who will collect your payments and service your loan going forward. When you sign at closing your rate and terms are set so no matter which servicer takes over the servicing of your loan, your terms will not change. My company works with all of the major servicers such as Chase or Wells Fargo as well as some smaller niche banks with excellent niche loan programs."

Please keep in mind that my job does not stop on the day of closing. I prefer to take the approach that I will be your "Lender for Life" where no question is out of bounds 1, 2 even 5 - 10 years after you have closed your transaction. This long term philosophy tends to keep us all happy so I will periodically check in on you to see how you are doing.

The expectations for 2014 is that more inventories will creep on the market as home prices level off compared to 2013. Interest rates are expected to nudge somewhat higher as our government slows the systematic purchases of American mortgage back securities. Visit my mortgage rate lock advisory page to get the opinions of experts.

If you are in need of an excellent buyers agent, I strongly recommend giving my friend and colleague a call. Nour Nouri of For Buyers Only Realty is an exclusive buyers agent and lives and works in the Fort Lauderdale area. His phone number is 954-461-8413.

Remember, when you hire a buyers agent, his commission comes out of the seller side of the closing statement so his services don't cost you anything.   

 As your Fort Lauderdale Mortgage Banker, I am able to accommodate present and previous customers and provide the convenience of doing business in your home or work place if that is something that makes you happy. With the state of the art of the business, I can guide you through the process in a smooth and easy fashion, on line via email and scanners or right there at your kitchen table. Additionally, I try to use local title companies that ensure a smooth and easy closing for all of my customers.

 Fort Lauderdale is one of the nicest places to live in the world. People from all over the world have heard of Fort Lauderdale as a getaway destination.  Not only do we have the amazing climate but we have a melting pot of people in much the same way major cities do. Here are some fun links describing some of the many things to do here.

Fort Lauderdale Demographic Information - Helpful information if you are considering purchasing in the Fort Lauderdale area.

Paul and Young Ron Radio Show - The Paul & Young Ron Show is a morning radio program starring Paul Castronovo and "Young" Ron Brewer that I enjoy.

Bank Atlantic Center Tickets - Bank Atlantic Center is an excellent civic center that acts as home to the Florida Panthers hockey team and is an excellent place to go see a concert. It is located west of Fort Lauderdale near the Sawgrass highway. See the attached link for current tickets and attractions. 

Fort Lauderdale Boat Show - The International Boat Show exhibits a wide variety of boats and sea vessels. It is one of the largest boat shows in the world. Fort Lauderdale ranks in the country for having some of the most boat owners.

Fort Lauderdale Beach - Can Anyone say Spring Break! - The days of the crazy spring break from the 1980's have passed. The city of Fort Lauderdale took measures to tone the tradition and make the beach a little more family oriented. But in recent years the famed "strip" still serves as a destination many college students on Spring Break.

Fort Lauderdale Beach Conditions Hotline: 954-828-4597

 Fort Lauderdale Museum of Art - An excellent way to spend a rainy day in Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale Culinary Arts and Design School is a popular college of choice for many students looking to learn fashion design or the business of running a restaurant.

 The Fort Lauderdale Air and Sea Show - Some years we have it, other years we don't . When we do, what a spectacle to see one million people on the beach viewing some of the latest technology in Aircraft. From the Thunderbirds to the Stealth Bomber, this show has it all. Due to the cost of putting this massive event together, it is not run every year anymore.

 There are a million places to play tennis in Fort Lauderdale - Being an avid tennis fan I appreciate the depth of the Fort Lauderdale tennis scene. Here is a visual of all the places available to play tennis 

 There are a Million places to play golf in Fort Lauderdale - It's just ridiculous how many golf courses there are around

There are a Million places to go out to eat in Fort Lauderdale - You get the idea by now

 Why not take a cruise out of the port at Port Everglades just south of Fort Lauderdale - Where in the world can you not cruise to and from the port of Fort Laudederdale? The choise of destinations are endless! The Bahamas, all of the Caribbean, the Panama Canal, South America, the Orient, and several ports of call to Europe.

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As your lender here in Fort Lauderdale I will guide you through the mortgage process and make it a smooth and easy path to your closing celebration.


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