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The Outlook for 2014 in Jacksonville Florida is Good!

I have been helping mortgage customers in Florida for over 20 years and Jacksonville is one of my favorite spots to lend. Jacksonville actually has faired much better than other parts of the state of Florida  because of steady employment figures most likely due to the livelihood of the port of Jacksonville.

Jacksonville Real Estate and Mortgage Lending in 2014
Jacksonville, Florida is actually doing better than other parts of the state as we enter into the first half of 2014.
Where other parts of the state like Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach had a larger spike in home prices in 2011- 2013, Jacksonville has been steadily appreciating since the middle of 2012 when I did my last update. Looking at the above graph furnished by Zillow.com it appears that the trend will continue in 2014. 

As I mentioned earlier, employment figures in Jacksonville are typically better than Florida average and National averages except for back in 2010 where there was a spike most likely caused by some slow automobile sales at the time. JM Family & Associates , the second largest privately held company in Florida is a major employer in the area. They use the port to import every type of Toyota vehicle which are distributed to all parts of Florida and the Southeastern United States.

Jacksonville employment figures

Another benefit to consider when thinking about Jacksonville is the weather. Many customers of mine who wish to migrate to Florida still find it too hot in the lower parts of the state look at Jacksonville. The climate here is a little bit cooler and home insurance prices are much less because hurricanes are very rare here.

Jacksonville Mortgages 2013 - As you can see from an updated graph provided by City-Data.com home prices have appreciated in Jacksonville in much the same way they have appreciated across the state of Florida but maybe not as much. Comparing to 2012 there is an increase in price and volume is way down as well. Looking at 2012 the average price was just under $120,000, in 2013 the average price is over $120,000.

 08/2012   Jacksonville Home Prices Appear to Have Leveled Off!

Looking at a graph of property values from August 2012, (provided by the folks over at City-Data) it appears that Jacksonville home prices are flat compared to the rest of the state. FHA interest rates have dropped about .25% since our last update in 2011, so we are seeing a nice combination of low home values and inexpensive interest rates.

As you can see by the graph provided by City-Data Jacksonville is seeing a little bit of an improvement just like many other parts of the state of Florida. It looks like the median home price has jumped to about $120,000 recently. If you compare this against other parts of the state such as Broward and Palm Beach Counties, it is about the same.


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Demographics: Population 25 years and over in Jacksonville:

  • High school or higher: 82.3%
  • Bachelor's degree or higher: 21.1%
  • Graduate or professional degree: 6.5%
  • Unemployed: 5.1% - Very Low Unemployment !
  • Mean travel time to work (commute): 25.2 minutes

                                            Read more: City Data Travel

 Fun Things to Do in Jacksonville

 Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens - Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens is the only zoo located in the northeast portion of Florida. It is a 73 acre park that has a multitude of options for the whole family. Botanical gardens , garden tours, train rides, zoo tours and education for the kids.

EverBank Field Tickets - Home of the Jacksonville Jaguars. It lies adjacent to the St Johns river in downtown Jacksonville.

Nature Parks and Recreation - Check out the Talbot nature preserve center  or Little Talbot Island which are two oceanfront state parks.

MOSH - Museum of Science and History. A great museum for the kids. A great place to go on a hot or rainy day. Along the Southbank Riverwalk in downtown Jacksonville you'll find the Museum of Science in History or "MOSH" as the locals call it. In addition to featuring dinosaurs and other special interest or holiday exhibits, MOSH can be described as three kinds of attraction areas under one roof.

First off, the main collection of exhibits focus on science and history topics of interest or importance to the nature, early settlements and modern development of Jacksonville, such as manatees, the Timucuan Indians and historic riverboats sunk during the Civil War.

The museum's second main component is the Alexander Brest Planetarium. Here, you can learn about the wonders of the night sky, like where to find constellations and planets. The planetarium is also used from time to time for special nighttime events like Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd laser light shows

The third area is mainly of interest to children. This is where they can interact with a variety of hands-on science experiments dealing with topics such as electricity, optical illusions, and shadows, among others.

Jacksonville Beach - Here is the official website of Jacksonville Beach. There are plenty of spectacular ocean front homes. All the benefits of living on the ocean without the worry of hurricanes like you experience in southern and central Florida. This translates into extremely reasonable insurance rates when it comes time to purchase the new home.






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