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Jupiter Florida is one of my favorite towns in Palm Beach County and South Florida. It is a very well run town with a big tax base and loads of fun things to do. When you go there you will say to yourself that everything looks brand new even though this town has been here since the 1800's and has quite a history.

There is a lot to do in Jupiter besides the beaches and the fun filled parks. Personally, I enjoy the area known as Abacoa, home of Roger Dean Stadium  which includes spring training for major league baseball teams. Also a great open spacious area to the west known as Jupiter farms. Large one acre lots allow inhabitants to kick back and not worry about the zero lot lines like some other communities.
As of a few years ago, Jupiter had about 55,000 inhabitants. Also there is Jupiter Island which is home to many of the rich and famous including Tiger Woods, Jack Nicklaus and Greg Norman. There is a long line of famous people who have lived in Jupiter, mostly due to Jupiter Island.

As I do with all of my pages of area interest, I think it is good to look at graphs provided by Zillow and City Data which are excellent real estate web sites which give a good measure of trends in real estate prices. Similar to other parts of Florida, Jupiter is seeing excellent price appreciation with volume slowing down due to lack of inventory of homes to purchase. Median home price is currently about $280,000.

Jupiter home prices


Jupiter Zillow Home Value Index


About Jupiter Schools: Jupiter has 12 primary and secondary schools. One of the best schools is Beacon Cove Intermediate School, with a rating of 10.  Public schools in Jupiter are part of Palm Beach County Public Schools. Follow the link if you want to study schools but I can assure you they are all good and safe and Jupiter is an excellent town to consider for you and your family.

If you are looking for a very fun and interesting way of exploring waterfront properties in Jupiter, Stuart or Palm Beach, you might want to give these guys a call. They will take you on a pontoon ride as you explore real listings for luxury ocean front properties or intra-coastal waterway properties. What a pleasant way to get together and discuss your plans and goals and look at a few properties.  http://www.prestonware.com/saltwaterlifehomes

Jupiter Island -  The median home price on Jupiter Island is currently 3,684,000!

Jupiter Island Real estate

Here is an example of how Jupiter Island real estate is in a class by itself. This is an Arial photo of Celine Dions house that sold for about $20,000.000!


Jupiter Island Zillow Home Value Index


Other places of interest in the Jupiter area include:

For example, I was surprised to find out that in the 1940's, during World War II, a German U-Boat sank a ship off of the Jupiter Inlet. See: History of the Jupiter Inlet. Learn more about this at the museum at Dubois park.

Roger Dean Stadium - Roger Houston Dean (Mr. Dean) was born in 1915 and served as a naval officer in World War II.  He started his career as an Auto Dealer with Ford Motor Company in 1947. Mr. Dean was one of the first Mega Dealers in the United States.

Abacoa - Abacoa is one of my favorite places in Florida because it is one of the few places where you could actually walk around to all of your points of interest. Within a mile you have many bars and restaurants, Roger Dean Stadium, Free public clay tennis courts and a wonderful 18 whole golf course. There is always something playing at the outdoor theater and smack dab in the middle of this is Florida Atlantic University's Jupiter campus.

Scripps Research - Is a medical research company that was originally slated to locate in the Loxahatchee region of West, west palm beach. There was great debate as to whether the western community was ready for such a large influx of people and jobs. there were concerns whether the infrastructure was in a position to handle it, so subsequently Scripps settled in the Abacoa area of Jupiter and FAU.

Juno Beach is my favorite place to go to the beach. Approximately 5 miles east of Abacoa you will find pristine beaches along with free parking, an excellent fishing peer and even a dog beach where patrons can bring their pouch them . just don't forget to clean up.

Pontiki Pontoon Tours - What a great way to spend the day or look at Real Estate

Loggerhead Park - Actually just over the town line in Juno Beach, The Loggerhead Marine life Center (LMC) is an ocean conservation organization and sea turtle hospital located adjacent to one of the most heavily nested sea turtle beaches in the world!

Visitors of all ages can see close-up these magical creatures and learn all about the fragile marine eco-system they live in and how we can protect it!

Dubois Park - In Jupiter has a very cool lagoon for kids too small to swim in the ocean. There is also plenty of picnic and barbecue areas for you to camp out for a day. Dubois park is located on Jupiter Inlet and also has a pier for fishing which is also free.

 Then of course there was the famous, "I have a right to fly an American flag incident that made national attention.

In 1999, Jupiter resident George Andres wanted to display a United States flag in his front yard, however, the homeowners association had a bylaw prohibiting the display of a flagpole in the front lawn. Andres still displayed the flag, while the homeowners association went as far as foreclosing his home to cover legal fees after being in court at least twenty-eight times.

Even after Governor Jeb Bush visited his home along with members of the local and national media, the homeowners association refused to budge. Andres said, "Well, first they said that it was going to cost more to cut the grass around the pole, which is kind of funny. And then they told me that the flagpole was going to take away from the value of the property. And I said, well, then we should be able to take away all the trees around here, because they're the same as the pole. And my pole is a portable pole. And the state government says I can do it."

George Andres won his law suit and was allowed to display his flag in his front lawn with the use of a flagpole.

Later on, during the last week of July 2006, President George W. Bush signed the Freedom to Display the American Flag Act of 2005, allowing residents to display the flag on their residential property despite any homeowners association rules.

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