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Preston Ware
Lake Worth - Mortgage Broker
NMLS # 216170
20 Years Experience in Florida

While I have been updating the web site, I realized I should be updating my profile as well because for the last 1 and a half years I have been working in the capacity of a mortgage broker vs a mortgage banker which was my previous job title for five years.

Both jobs are considered mortgage loan originators but I feel brokering has many advantages that I am able to pass on to my customers.

You may have visited my previous page, Lake Worth Banker  in previous Google searches. If you Google Lake Worth Mortgage Banker, I usually show up as #1 where I am.

The main reason I made the move from banking to brokering is the speed factor of the file and program options . Where I was required to use a 45 day contract in the mortgage banking world, as a broker we usually write the contract for 30 days or less and quite often sooner is about 21 days. (This applies for a conventional loan, FHA and non-prime will take longer.)

As far as loan options are concerned, we deal with the largest lender in the country, more than double it's nearest competitor and also many niche sources offering other various loan programs.

On the page are a few videos I have compiled over the past few years regarding Lake Worth.   where I make my home office, but I should say that I can help anyone in the State of Florida with their mortgage.

 Lake Worth is a charming beach community, chalk full of Fun , Restaurants , Bars and Artsy Stuff and best of all, the Atlantic Ocean 1.5 miles away from my home office. Very Nice!
What I find fun and interesting about east Lake Worth are the older homes made back in the 1920's and 1950's. Each street is a wide variety of styles and structures with absolutely no rime or reason.

If you go west in Lake Worth Florida you will see many larger developments emerged with higher home prices and more conformity within the neighborhoods.

Lake Worth Street Painting Festival 2017

Here is an example of the artsy ingenuity you see a lot of in East Lake Worth. Every year Lake Ave and Lucerne are blocked off to allow for a street painting festival on the pavement. Approximately 100,000 people will spectate this event over three days and see the work of about 600 artists. What I think is really amazing is that 500 of those artists are kids in high school or lower grades.

Lake Worth Town Hall

Lake Worth Town Hall

Mathews Brewery Lake Worth

Matthews Brewery Lake Worth

Mathews Brewery is a new local brewery over in East Lake Worth just off of Dixie Highway. They offer 20 kinds of home made beer that you can sample as you listen to local music and get a steak sandwich from one of the many vendors available on site.  At the end of the day it is fun to fill up your growler and take a special brew home.

Reverse Mortgages Lake Worth

One of the more popular loan programs in Lake Worth is a Reverse Mortgage Loan. In the past there have been a lot of misconceptions about Reverse mortgages. FHA cannot take your home and it is passed on to family members in the exact same way a regular house with a mortgage is handled through probate. Please see the video for more information or go to :


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