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This is a page that I am building with many common,
frequently asked mortgage related questions.

Most of these videos were  done with my #1 Realtor out of Boca Raton ,  Marc Jablon .

Marc is the Owner/Broker/Agent for New Harbor Realty 561-213-6139

I have been working with Marc over 8 years now and I strongly recommend him as a good Realtor. He is also an excellent writer and blogger, very good at revealing the latest trends in Real Estate in South Florida. You can visit his blog at jablonteam.com/blog/

Why is there so much paperwork involved in getting a mortgage nowadays?

What is the Difference Between a Pre-qual and a Pre-Approval letter?
This is very important. Every Realtor knows you need to have this done before they will jump in a car with you and drive around looking at houses.

Here I am talking about mortgage interest rates in February 2016.
This is a good example of how it is very difficult to predict
which way interest rates are headed at any given time.

How to Avoid Having a Problem File?

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