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Tony Castro   :Tony proudly endorses Microline & Clackcorp products

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 Tony Castro has over ten years experience helping customers with  

  • Water Treatment Diagnosis
  • Well Pump Service
  • Water Treatment Systm Design and Installation
  • Well Water Consultation & Cleaning
  • Well Pump Installation & Service
  • Well Pump Troubleshooting
  • Well Water Plumbing Services
  • Water Filtration Maintenance
  • Reverse Osmosis Maintenance and Installation
  • Carbon Filter Maintenance and Installation
  • Carbon Rebedding
  • Iron Removal for Well Water & More!
  • Tony currently services over 300 families in the western communities of Palm Beach County Florida

This area is known for having difficult water. e.g "Hard Water" This water is difficult to deal with due to large amounts of sulpher and iron. I have lived in the "Acreage" area for almost ten years now and met Tony when I first moved in. I have my well water hooked up to my outdoor water conditioning and purification tanks and my indoor water hooked up to my reverse osmosis water filter under the sink. I even have my frig hooked up to make pure reverse osmosis ice. I can say that I have no issues with smell or taste and that this issue should not be a road block in the home buying decision in this area.

If you are considering a purchase utilizing the Fannie Home Path program or the FHA 203K plan, I would recommend making sure that your water filtration system is part of the upgrades. In this area these systems are imperative for healthy living for you and your family.Many of these foreclosures have been stripped of this vital equipment as they have sat out here waiting to be occupied. Make sure when you are getting your home inspection , that the water filtration system becomes a part of the conversation and the "cost to cure" on the home you are buying.

No need to put up with smelly, stainy well water any more


Here are a few words from Tony:

Here is a little bio on the water filters.
Hello, my name is Tony Castro and I am an expert on water and air purification.  I have been a business owner or partner in the purification industry now for over 10 years in Northern Palm Beach County. I offer a state of the art whole home water and air treatment packages for those of us who enjoy safe clean water and air!!  I believe in diagnosing the problem, designing the proper most affordable solution that will bring about the most usage from my clients.  I only sell the top of the line products,however, I offer very affordable pricing.  The program works because of the emphasis on the customer!!  I educate each new customer on just how water treatment works and the basics on maintenance for their system.   
I believe in putting my integrity into each new system.  I follow up, train, educate, and have one of the best services available today.  Our service is performed by Licensed Water System Operators.  The pricing is more affordable than most other local water treatment companies and our customers get over 25 years of professional water treatment service experience.
We also sell and install state of the art drinking water systems.  We never sacrafice quality for quantity and love to work by referral.  We believe providing only the best service and equipment available and giving our customers peace of mind in addition to safe clean water and air. We will give you a copy of your water test and prescribe an affordable solution that leads to healthier water consumption for your family and longer lasting plumbing in the home you purchase.
Give me a call today and I will give you a complimentary consultation on any water or air purification product or system.
Got a Question, Call Tony 561-727-9502
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Water purification is the process of removing undesirable chemicals, materials, and biological contaminants from contaminated water. The goal is to produce water fit for a specific purpose. Most water is purified for human consumption (drinking water) but water purification may also be designed for a variety of other purposes, including meeting the requirements of medical, pharmacology, chemical and industrial applications. In general the methods used include physical processes such as filtration and sedimentation, biological processes such as slow sand filters or activated sludge, chemical processes such as flocculation and chlorination and the use of electromagnetic radiation such as ultraviolet light.

The purification process of water may reduce the concentration of particulate matter including suspended particles, parasites, bacteria, algae, viruses, fungi; and a range of dissolved and particulate material derived from the surfaces that water may have made contact with after falling as rain.

The standards for drinking water quality are typically set by governments or by international standards. These standards will typically set minimum and maximum concentrations of contaminants for the use that is to be made of the water.

It is not possible to tell whether water is of an appropriate quality by visual examination. Simple procedures such as boiling or the use of a household activated carbon filter are not sufficient for treating all the possible contaminants that may be present in water from an unknown source. Even natural spring water – considered safe for all practical purposes in the 19th century – must now be tested before determining what kind of treatment, if any, is needed. Chemical analysis, while expensive, is the only way to obtain the information necessary for deciding on the appropriate method of purification.

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