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One of my favorite places as a Mortgage Banker in Florida is Pompano Beach, Deerfield Beach, Hillsboro Beach and Lighthouse Point Florida. I say this because I lived in Deerfield Beach for seven years and really grew to like the area. It is very centrally located and convenient to a lot of places with I-95 to the East , the Florida Turnpike in the middle and the Saw Grass Expressway to the West.

In addition to living in Deerfield for seven years, I worked off of Hillsboro Beach Boulevard at one of the best mortgage companies in South Florida for six years. This is the place where I received my best training from some of the best mentors in South Florida. This is where I learned about "Red Carpet Treatment" for all of my clients and what it takes to become your
"Lender for Life"

Deerfield Beach and Pompano Beach are sort of over-shadowed by Fort Lauderdale to the south and Boca Raton to the north but that is O.K; the people that live here don't seem to mind. One of the area's many benefits is that it is much less traveled and less over crowded compared to Fort Lauderdale and Boca Raton. Pompano Beach, Deerfield Beach and especially Lighthouse Point offer some of the nicest luxury ocean front homes in this area as well as luxury intra-coastal homes and condominiums. There are actually a high number of condominiums in this area. If you travel west only a few miles you will find very nice moderately priced housing with all of the amenities. Probably not as large as you have in some areas of Palm Beach County but certainly very nice and praticle.

Lighthouse Point Zillow Home Value Index

If you look at the graphs furnished by Zillow.com and City-Data.com, Lighthouse Point has a lot more higher priced homes than Pompano Beach. This is due to the vast amount of ocean front and intra-coastal front homes there. This graph is a little misleading in that Pompano Beach has it's own share of ocean front homes in the same price range.

Back in the late 1990's and early 2000's, you would see a lot of cases where a new home buyers would purchase a modest home on the ocean or intra-coastal and tear it down in order to build a much more elaborate million dollar home. These homes lost huge values in the late 2000's but are now back on track and appreciating once again.

From a population standpoint, Pompano Beach has about 90,000 inhabitants compared to Lighthouse Point has about 10,000 inhabitants. Deerfield Beach has about 70,000 inhabitants.

When I lived in Deerfield back in 2002 there was a large in flux of Brazilians settling at that time much like other parts of South Florida including Fort Lauderdale and Pompano Beach.

Pompono Real Estate

As you can see from the graph furnished by City-Data, much like other parts of Florida, Pompano beach has seen some steady price appreciation over the last few years. The graph appears to curve downward at the end of 2013 and that is generally considered to be due to an overall lack of homes.

The general consensus among Realtors is that prices are expected to rise at a more moderate pace in 2014. That goes for Lighthouse Point, Deerfield Beach and Hillsboro Beach as well.

Places of Interest in Pompano Beach, Deerfield Beach and Lighthouse Point
Pompano pier pompano beach

Caps Place - Caps place is an awesome seafood restaurant located on it's own island off of Lighthouse Point which can only be accessed by the designated Caps Place ferry. You cannot ask for a nicer South Florida setting that includes rich history from back in the old days when in the 1920's this little gem was a speak easy visited by presidents and gangsters alike. Among the long list of famous customers are: Franklin D Roosevelt, Winston Churchill, Meyer Lansky, George Harrison, Al Capone, "Norm" from Cheers, Mariah Carey and yours truly on my first wedding anniversary. Mrs. Ware followed suit with the gangster history of the place and smuggled out her wine glass from that special evening as a special souvenir.  

Lighthouse Point Tennis Center - Being an avid tennis player I had the pleasure of spending many weekends at the Lighthouse Point tennis center. It is very well maintained and there is a great bunch of tennis players that play there at all hours of the day.

Ski Rixen Deerfield Beach

Ski Rixen USA - Ski Rixen is a very unique place that is run by one of my previous customers. The concept comes from Europe where someone is towed around a large lake just like a water skier would do except that they are being pulled by a cable system. It is a great innovation and fun for the whole family over on the edge of Quiet Waters Park in Deerfield.

Isle Casino and Pompano Raceway - Known as the Winter Capital for Harness Racing the Isle Casino and Pompano Park is a great place to go see some harness racing. Since 1964 the track, casino and restaurant has been a mandatory stop for "snow birds" and Floridians alike.

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