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Financing Comes First

You should always have your ducks in a row and a Pre-Approval letter in hand before you jump in the car with a qualified Realtor.

A good Realtor won't waste his/her time with you unless they know that you are the real deal, and that you have spoken to someone like myself. 

To get pre-approved we will discuss your income, credit assets and debts. I will complete your on-line underwriting and get a feedback that says Approve/Eligible.

 I can issue the pre-approval letter as quickly as the same day.

The quickest way is to call me at 561-329-0075 and we can get started

Get Pre-Approved

Loan Programs are in a constant state of flux. Underwriting guidelines change constantly. So if you have a question on a guideline, just call me. I have been working in the mortgage industry for 25 years and will call upon my experience to advise you the best I can. Currently, interest rates are at unprecedented lows which makes homes more affordable.

Conventional Financing
- Also known as Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac Mortgages. Loan to Value as high as 99% Financing for good credit borrowers who can document income and have 1%- 20% or more to invest as a down payment. If you can put 20% down conventional financing allows for no mortgage insurance which keeps your payment lower.

FHA - Popular (96.5%) Financing is for customers with limited down payment for the home. FHA Rates are actually lower than conventional rates right now but the MIP (Mortgage Insurance Premium) makes the payment a little higher. These programs can accommodate credit scores as low as 580 (middle) and are the best way to acquire home ownership with as little out of pocket expense as possible. With FHA loans it is easier for me to pay costs for you. Ask me about this.

Home Buyer Seminar-  This is the First Time Home Buyer Seminar that I prepared. It will tell you all that you need to know in the comfort of your own home.

Purchase a Florida Condo - Condos are coming back. Now I have a great Fannie Mae 75% program that will help you buy that condo in Florida. (Primary Residence, Second Home or Investment Property is less loan to value). My program allows you to avoid the pesky condo questionnaire that no body likes.

VA Loans - mortgages from the veterans administration are still very popular. They offer a similar rate and term as a FHA loan but are able to accommodate 100% financing and a lower credit score.

USDA - Popular 100% Purchase Financing in Rural Areas of Florida. This program is not available in Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties.

My Mortgage Process - More of my Home Made Videos describing what takes place when you apply and your file goes to the underwriter. Kind of rough quality done a few years ago but it is still good to know. It might be easier just to call me 561-329-0075.

Learn about specific markets in certain Cities in Florida - I am a mortgage banker all across the state of Florida. Here I have broken the state down by major markets where I discuss median home prices and use graphs from Citi-Data and Zillow.


First Time Home Buyers - The $8000 tax credit is gone but this page will help the first time home buyer become aware of things to think about and avoid.

The Loan Process - This page will give you an idea what takes place once your file is in motion with the processor, underwriter, title company and appraiser. My employer offers a very smooth channel because our staff is awesome and we do this all day long.

Foreclosures - Buying a foreclosure is a little more complicated than buying a home sold by individuals or a regular listing. I also have another link devoted to searching foreclosures in an attempt to find a deal. Be prepared for a brutal contract and a hostile title company.

Check Property Value There are many sites on line that give a statistical value of a property. This link is far more accurate.

Shopping Settlement Costs - Many customers spend a lot of time shopping settlement costs. This page will help explain each line item. A typical loan will have hard closing costs between $3500 and $4500 depending on the loan size. I can always give a lender credit as well. (Based on the interest rate) Ask me about this.

Loan Application - This is my on-line loan application page which allows you to start the mortgage application process any time in the comfort of your own home

Improving Credit - I am well versed on the many ways to improve credit. I have several pages devoted to this. Search under bad credit. If you don't find the answer you need , call me.

Do's and Don'ts - Here is a collection of do's and don't that I have put together through the years

9 Steps to Ownership - This is a well made video that talks bout the steps to home ownership.

16 Steps to Purchasing a Home and Getting a Mortgage - (Video) This is a couple videos that I made with my Realtor buddy Marc Jablon  a few years ago where we talk about all of the things that go on when you purchase a home and get a mortgage.

Purchase a Home in Florida in 20 Steps - This is similar to the video above but by writing everything out we managed to find four more steps.

Buyer Don'ts - Along the line of do's and don't, I have a page devoted to don'ts

Rent vs Buy Calc - If you take into account low interest rates and discounted home prices, this page will show you a nifty graph of how much money you can save.



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