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Boca Raton is probably one of the most competitive real estate markets in the country. It is also over saturated with Realtors. I am giving the endorsement here for my friend Marc Jablon because I work with Marc on a daily basis and I know that he always gets the job done. 

Ultimately nothing else matters in real estate and mortgage banking unless you find the home that you like and I get the transaction closed. I think between us we can help you in more ways than can be described on this page.

I am high lighting many of Marc's blogs here talking about the various communities in Boca Raton, Florida and other subjects because there is a lot to cover. If you need to buy or sell I would strongly recommend giving The Jablon Team a call at 561-213-6139 or email them at

Boca Raton is a City in Palm Beach County, Florida, USA, incorporated in May 1925. In the 2000 census, the city had a total population of 74,764; the 2006 population estimated by the U.S. Census Bureau was 86,396. As a business center, the city’s daytime population increases significantly. In terms of both population and land area, Boca Raton is the largest city between West Palm Beach and Pompano Beach

Here is some good insight as to why there are so few homes for sale in Boca Raton - This is an excellent article describing the market forces at work which are extremely good borrowing conditions and large private equity funds snatching up all of the properties.

Sellers Needed as Buyers Compete for Boca Raton Homes - Homes in Boca Raton are selling at list price or above, with cash buyers dominating an ever-shrinking pool of properties. Prices have risen 28% since a year ago, but inventory has fallen to less than a 4 month supply. A 6 month supply helps keeps a market at equilibrium, but we’re racing ahead of that number. The result, as demand exceeds supply, is that the median price of single-family Boca Raton homes has moved up from less than $180,000 a year ago to almost $250,000 today. Broward County, with a 26% increase to a median price of $242,500, is following a similar trend.

A 203K Loan is a more Constructive Boca Raton Loan - Many Boca Raton home buyers with mortgages find that the homes that fit into their price ranges have a many problems. Or should I say more problems than they have cash in the bank to pay for. remember that movie the "Money Pit". For example, they need to have the bathrooms redone. Or the tile flooring is cracked and must be replaced. Most Boca buyers would walk away in discouragement, because they do not have the extra funds to make these repairs after they make their purchase. However, if you want a more constructive purchase there is an loan backed by the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) called the 203K, that can help to alleviate this difficulty. This loan can help with $35,000 in repairs in it's streamline format and over $35,000 in it's full blown format. Expect processing to take longer but it could be well worth it.


Currently, It is a Good Time to Buy a Home in Boca Raton - Earlier today, a young couple called to ask me if now is a good time to buy a home in Boca Raton.I told them that if they are really ready to purchase a Boca home, now is a very good time.  However, I also said that if they find a home they like, they will have to act immediately and decisively. Otherwise it is likely to be gone by the following day.

Luxury Homes In Boca Raton in High Demand - As foreign money pours into South Florida real estate, the demand for luxury homes and condos has kicked into high gear. Within the last year, 266 Boca Raton luxury homes and condos listed at $1 million or more have been sold. Of those homes in Boca, 23 were valued at $5 million or higher. While we’re not seeing bidding wars the way we do in lower priced homes, we are seeing less need for seller concessions in these luxury Boca Raton homes. Luxury homes on a roll all over South Florida. South Florida luxury home sales, in general, appear to be on a roll.  Miami, which now ranks as the world’s 26th most desirable city to live in, showed sales of more than 276 luxury condos and homes valued at $1 million or more since last year. And there were 17 luxury homes in Miami’s general environs that sold for more than $10 million.

Boca Raton Home Prices Rise 21% - Right now, home buyers in Boca Raton are racing against constant price upticks. Home prices in Boca Raton rose 21% since this time last year, and first time Boca real estate agents and Boca home buyers are scrambling to bring the highest and best offer to the few homes in Boca that are on the market. Boca home owners are thrilled. This the kind of real estate market that sellers dream about.  Boca home sellers, unless they are wildly overpriced for their neighborhoods, find themselves fielding multiple offers, many of them over asking price, and large numbers of them in cash.

Boca Raton Real Estate: Short Sales Up, Foreclosure Sales Down - Distressed property in any form does not seem to indicate good news. But in the Boca Raton real estate market, the fact that short sales have overtaken foreclosures in number signals that homes in Boca Raton and its surrounding areas are moving into a housing recovery. It is a sign of improvement when banks, such as Bank of America, announce that a Boca Raton short sale may now take fewer than 20 days if all paperwork is completed correctly and handed in. Some experts suggest that this may mean Boca Raton realtors as well as their counterparts in the banks are learning how to handle the necessary paperwork. What it really means is that the banks are shortening the paperwork process and teaching their personnel to pay attention to each transaction, instead of simply passing paperwork up the line to another confused employee so that the process languishes and frustrates buyers, sellers.

Boca Raton Polo Club Homes for Sale - The Boca Polo Club located in Boca Raton Florida is another example of the absolute charming, lifestyle that is available in my service area. Please take this video tour to get a feel for the wonderful tasteful design of these homes. Whether you are buying or selling, I feel I can offer my expertise because this is my home town. Enjoy the tour!


Boca Raton Country Club Homes for Sales - Well, they say a picture is worth a thousand words, so a video must be worth a million! Please take a look at one of Marc's home video tours taken from a beautiful home at the Boca Country Club. This is a service that he does for many of my customers who wish to list their homes.

Mission Bay Homes for Sale Boca Raton, Florida - Mission Bay is where I personally have lived for a number of years therefore I feel that I am beyond being a typical expert Realtor on the subject. Please give me a call if you are considering any of the many sub-divisions of Mission Bay.

The 10 subdivisions of Mission Bay offer single-family homes, condos and townhomes, so it’s a perfect community to find a size and style home for every taste and need.

Mission Bay has many wonderful subsections. Let me give you a hint of some of the fantastic homes we have to show.

  • Mission Bay – Mission Isles
  • Mission Bay – Regatta real estate
  •  Mission Bay – Cordova
  • Mission Bay – Harbour Springs
  • Mission Bay – La Costa
  • Mission Bay – Laguna
  • Mission Bay – Las Flores
  • Mission Bay – Reflections
  • Mission Bay – Regatta
  • Mission Bay – Sonata
  • Mission Bay – The Isle
  • Mission Bay – Ventura

 Included in the very reasonable HOA fee is the Mission Bay clubhouse, which features an immense, resort styled pool, a spa, and a children’s pool . There’s also a spacious workout facility with weight room and daily fitness classes. Naturally, there are also locker rooms, sauna and steam rooms. Plus, the tennis center offers 12 courts, several of which are lighted for night play.

 Experience Premiere Golf at Boca Greens - Boca Greens, a premiere golf and country club surrounded by a lovely community,  is located in Boca Raton Florida. It’s a great place either to reside, or just to play golf on any sunny Florida morning. The homes in this country club community are built in the best Boca Raton style and  tradition, and typically cost between $300,000 and $600,000, depending upon size, amenities and view. All of the homes are single family houses, and many offer perfect views of the golf course and lakes. The community is located close to major roads, schools, hospitals and just about anything else that residents might need.

Gracious Living at Saint Andrews Country Club - St Andrews Country Club in Boca Raton, Florida, is all about sophistication and stylish living. But even though it is designed as the ultimate golf and country club, it’s really all about friends and neighbors living and playing together in a family residential community. In fact, St Andrews Country Club was ranked number 15 by the Platinum Clubs of America, but it is also recognized on an international level for the variety and opulence of the homes in the community.


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