Refinancing Out of PMI

If you need to Refinance your mortgage out of Private Mortgage Insurance,
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We hear a lot about the dreaded PMI but actually it is a good tool to use to get you into your house with little money down. But you should try to get rid of it, as soon as you can.Not with your check book but with the equity build up after the appraised value starts to climb.

Over the last several years we have been getting some nice consistent growth in Florida so most customers can expect to refinance out of PMI at about the one and a half year to 2 year mark.The best way to get rid of Private Mortgage Insurance and save money is to let the value of your home go up over time and use the equity when you get to 78% loan to value.

Refinace Out of PMI

 Here is a video about the power of lowering your payment with a Refinance and using the savings as a principle payment going forward. In this case it saves 6 years of mortgage payments!!!!

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