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Cliff Brooks
is the guy you want to call if you need a roofing job done right. He has over 20 years experience helping customers with commercial and residential roofing projects. No job is too big or too small. What is nice about Cliff is that he is prepared to jump into action at a moments notice.

Currently Cliff and his team are running a special on Roof Inspections. Depending upon your location in the Tri-County area the inspections start at $75. Not a wind mitigation report but rather an inspection when you know there is a problem with the roof of the property and you need an accurate estimate of the cost to cure. If you choose to do business with CB Roof Services the cost of the inspection fee is credited to your bill.

Emergency Response Roofing Teams - Cliff is a manager of a team of people who manage the process and communicate what you need to know in a timely fashion. Within 24 hours of communicating your emergency repair he will be out there to diagnose the problem and provide an estimate. His reputation is built around getting you the information you need to get your home or business back to where it should be – fast and leak free!

Re-roofing Communications - Cliff will keep you posted as to the progress on your job and the estimated time of completion.

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New-Construction and Water-Proofing - Waterproofing any existing structure is a complex endeavor regardless of the size or age of the building. It is our job to be as thorough as possible while at the same time coming in on budget.

The latest technologies - Cliff will explain to you all of your alternatives that include some of the latest technologies such as lightweight insulated concrete which offers superior insulation with reduced weight and reduced costs during installment.

For a complete assessment of your residential or commercial roofing job give Cliff a call at 954-465-0886 or email him at



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