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The Outlook for 2017 in Wellington is Good!

"My borrowers don't have to jump over fences to get approved."

Wellington, Florida is one of the greatest towns in the world. On an typical day in Wellington you will be walking around and see the equestrian enthusiasts wearing their "horse pants" or




perhaps spot a celebrity over at the Wellington Green Mall. Or maybe see Bruce Springstein over at Ultima Gym. 

The Beginning of 2017 is POLO SEASON !!!

It's that time of year again, when socialites and equestrian enthusiasts from around the world descend on the town of Wellington Florida for Polo season, and all the fun that goes with it. 

Back in 2005, I had a "one man branch" in Wellington and really began to enjoy the community with my office situated right across the street from the old Wellington mall and next to the Back Street Café. 

During that time , I originated and processed my own pipeline of mortgages and really enjoyed getting to know the people in this town. Wellington is an upscale rural community with an abundance of 1 acre lots, fun loving features like equestrian communities and aero-clubs communities and interesting sophisticated people everywhere.

Later on in 2009, I worked as the in-house mortgage banker inside Realty Elite, one of the many Real Estate Companies situated in Wellington. This time spent wasn’t exactly lucrative (considering the year was 2009) but this experience did give me a look into what realtors do on a day to day.

This experienced allowed me to appreciate the Realtor side more and gave me helpful hints on better ways of coordinating during the deal.

Drawing from these experiences I feel I have a good knowledge of what takes place in Wellington, Florida and am equipped to answer any type of mortgage related question. 

As a local mortgage broker at the time, I had my office adjacent to the Back Street Café which was kind of fun. In the same office park we had Ultima Gym and the Best Personal Trainer around - my buddy Gregg Massaro. 


Comparing the 2013 and 2014 graphs we see that Wellington has had some nice steady appreciation over the last few years with the median home price around $400,000 

The Best Realtor in Wellington 



 As I mentioned before, I have a lot of experience in Wellington and have done business with a lot of different Wellington Real Estate agents over the years. I recently was so amazed with the help of one Realtor in particular I thought I would mention her name here.

Suzette Gardner Wellington Realtor

Suzette Gardner
Office: 561-283-8833
Cell: 561-307-0247
WC Realty Group, Inc
12794 Forest Hill Blvd.
Suite 29
Wellington, FL 33414 

Here is one of Suzette's listings:

Suzette helped some valued clients of mine whom I had helped with mortgages three times before. She assisted my borrowers through the process, all the way to closing, but the foreclosure they were purchasing had a lingering title issue that would not go away. After careful consideration realizing the issue would take a year to fix, my borrowers moved on in their search because they needed a home now.

So Suzette picked up my clients and went out and found a better house! They placed a short sale bid and got the deal done three months later. My clients were so appreciative.

When I asked my clients how would you rate Suzette,  
there answer was on a scale of 1 to 10, she is a 10!

For me that says it all . . .


Fun Things To Do In Wellington

Polo, Polo, Polo !!!! Here are two of my favorite spots to follow Polo in Wellington during Polo season. The International Polo Club is where most of this gets played. (As far as I know) Then, if you wish to purchase Polo tickets for the events in Wellington, go here . Tickets range anywhere from $10 for a grounds pass o $350 for a couples table.

Palm Beach Polo
- Polo Rules in Wellington! This is sort of an international Polo web site.

Wellington Green Mall - Wellington Green mall is a very pleasant mall that is easy to navigate. The mall is a always hopping and is a good alternative on an especially hot day or a rainy day. There are all of the major store brands and then some. It has an amazing food court. Last time I was there they were handing out Philly Cheesesteak crepes.

Ultima Gym Greg Massaro  - This is the true Greg Massaro, not the one who has been adopted by Wellington New Zealand. Greg is a personal trainer at Ultima Gym. Ultima Gym is a great gym that gets visits from the likes of Bruce Springstein. Greg's video has already gone viral.
Wellington Tennis and Swim Center - Wellington Tennis Center is a place I play tennis twice a week every week. They have 16 public hard true courts and an elaborate play and swim facility just off to the side. The town hall is across the way in the front of the lot.  Wal-Mart, Costco, Home Depot , Lowes - All of the conveniences of the major stores as well without having to travel too far.
Back Street Cafe - Back Streets is a great neighborhood type bar and grill. I used to have my mortgage brokerage office situated right next to it in Wellington. Usually you will see the same crowd day in and day out. Really good food too.

The Wanderers Club - http://www.wanderersclubwellington.com/

Another place I play tennis where they actually insist on the players wearing white, sort of like Wimbledon. Located out by the aero-club there is plenty of room for all types of fun, including planes, horses, tennis, swimming and fine dining.

Here is the City Data-Graph from 2011
You can see that the median home price has jumped from 
approximately $225,000 to almost $380,000 today


If you are in need of a good Realtor in wellington and surrounding areas
please ask me because I know a bunch!






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