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West Palm Beach is one of the three major cities located in South Florida. It is located to the north of Miami and Fort Lauderdale.

For me, Miami is a little hectic and Broward County and Fort Lauderdale have run out of space.

Back in 2002, I built a home in the western portion of West Palm Beach and really enjoyed living there.
Moving east you have the city of West Palm Beach and east of that the Isle of Palm Beach.

For years I worked as a mortgage broker and set up an office over in horse country Wellington Florida. Later on I moved my home office to my house in West West Palm.

Immediately following the Dodd Frank Law changes with excessive regulation many originators who worked at mortgage brokerage companies moved to companies that were newly appointed mortgage bankers.
(Me included)
You may have visited me on my West Palm Beach Mortgage Banker page before.

After years of dealing with the larger, cumbersome slow moving banks, the trend now is the opposite with many loan officers like myself going back to the mortgage brokering side of the business. I am happy to say that I am happy with the move for many reasons but the main ones are:

The two principle reasons I am happy to be brokering again are:
1.) The speed of the file 
2.) The many programs that are available. 

Speed of the File: Most mortgage bankers , working for a bank, are not even allowed to accept a purchase contract that is less than 45 days.In the brokering word we work with a 30 day contract all the time and can close most loans in 21 days.

The Wide Array of Loan Programs: Being on the mortgage broker side of the business, I have a much wider array of loan programs to choose from and offer my clients.

This is a good example. Two very popular loan programs today are the Home Ready and the Home Possible Programs. Both allow for as little as 3% down for homes in certain areas with certain income limits.

My favorite wholesalers took this program one step further this year by contributing 2% of their own money! A 2% grant is NEVER Found on the banking side of the business. Never

Here was the the video that we ran last year:


Here is an old graph and an older video that I did in the mortgage banking days.
I am so Happy that I am now working with the #1 wholesalers in the country!!!!


Here is a video of me talking about interest rates at my home in West, West Palm Beach.This was about five years ago but It occurred to me that what I was saying then sort of applies today.

Reverse Mortgages West Palm Beach - Here is a page that I dedicated to my Reverse Mortgage Customers in West Palm Beach. A Reverse mortgage or a Home Equity Conversion Mortgage is a great solution for seniors who wish to eliminate their monthly mortgage obligation and slowly draw on the equity in their home. The customers retains title and sells the home as would another other customer with a lien on a house.

There are a lot of misconceptions with this type of mortgage so that is where I come in and explain everything.

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