Broward County Licensed Massage Therapist
- Holistic Specialist
- Certified Thermography Technician
Paula Blatcher
Holistic with Paula
Paula Blatcher, LMT, CTT
Certified Thermography Technician
Licensed Massage Therapist
Licensed Esthetician
Certified Holistic Health Coach

Helping you establish better health naturally. 

Paula is a licensed massage therapist who works mostly in Broward County,Florida but she does venture up into Boca Raton, Delray Beach and Wellington on occasion.

What makes Paula Blatcher so special is that she has a lot of other holistic and other training which makes her advice to you that much better. I personally like the idea of less medications that are harmful to the body.

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Paula Blatcher Licensed Massage Therapist

Here is Paula on a typical day at Loews Miami Beach Hotel. She also meets her clients at a number of chiropractic offices throughout Broward and Palm Beach Counties. 





    Paula has taken her consultations one step higher with her knowledge of holistic approaches to pain as well as being equipped with thermography equipment.




 Thermography is kind of an interesting approach that measures body temperatures in a unique way. A whole other method for risk assessment and prevention in an easy, non-evasive and safe way.


Thermography is an especially interesting and new study that helps spot inflammation in the body sooner than other means.




Medical Applications of Clinical Thermography:-

*  Breast Health

*  Vascular Disorders

* Endocrine/Metabolic disorders

* Neurological disorders


* Musculoskeletal disorders
             * Dermatological disorders

How can Thermography help?



Breast Imaging – Risk Assessment Tool

  • Doctors look for warm blood vessels which appear different than the norm.
  • The doctors look for a “fever” in the breasts which may signal a problem.
  • Identifies women at higher risk based upon their own body rather than general statistics.
  • Can be used to monitor women more frequently than other tests with no adverse effects.
  • Can be used on younger women who currently have no screening protocol.
  • Can be used on women with implants, reductions, and benign breast disease without effecting sensitivity.


    Body Imaging

  • Provides information on how the body is functioning, which may alert the patient and their doctor to a possible health problem or a stress on the body that may lead to a problem.
  • May help to guide a health care provider in evaluating a problem.
  • When no health problem exists, a thermal problem may signal an early warning about a system or area that may be helped through lifestyle management.
  • Especially helpful for:

-musculoskeletal problems                        -neurological problems

-vascular problems                                      -metabolic conditions

-adjunctive breast health risk assessment tool

- No radiation
- No compression/pain
- Heat from the body becomes an image.

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