Freddie Mac Prediction 2016

Freddie Mac, the government agency, came out recently with some very kind words for 2016. In fact they went on to say that 2016 could be one of the most favorable years in a decade!

If you look at their article, you can follow the link here, they are talking about the things we are always talking about all of the time in Mortgages and Real Estate. But it is true, the timing of everything is good right now.

Low Interest rates. Every since they started raising interest rates, interest rates went lower. Uncertainty in world markets is keeping them low. Here are a few comments from February 2016 that are still holding true in April 2016.

Good flexible loan programs. Regardless of what you may hear, loan programs are getting more flexible. Freddie Mac has excellent options for conventional loan home-buyers in Florida. More aggressive programs for self employed borrowers with limited time being self employed. Also higher debt ratios allowed in some cases. Ask me about this!

A Good job market - Jobs have come back in terms of the number of jobs but I am not sure most are getting their "dream" job. If the minimum wage was raised that would help so many working couples.

Household formations - I think this is a technical term for too many people living with their in-laws. Families have done what they have had to do to survive but now we have some opportunities to step out. For the most part these are younger buyers  hitting the market place before prices go up.

Housing Supply is good. I see it as fair market conditions. I don't see buyer side or seller side taking advantage of transactions but this question should really be answered by your Realtor.

Housing Prices are reasonable. 
Overall , according to Freddie Mac, Housing prices are expected to rise
3 - 5 % this year. I am not sure if Florida will be better or worse than the national average.

Overall we have very low interest rates and reasonable home prices and steady appreciation,