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Over the last few years, West Palm Beach mortgage applicants seeking a home loan have been enjoying some excellent borrowing conditions.

Interest rates have been in the low 4's and there has been a good supply of houses to purchase.

This page high-lights some of my more popular blogs and videos that have helped some of my previous customers. Hopefully these will help you educate yourself in your search for a home loan in West Palm Beach.

Here I am talking about interest rates in February 2016. Here is a link that will help anyone study mortgage interest rates .  http://www.prestonware.com/RateLockAdvisory

They are always late but they tell you why things happened after the fact.

It is my goal to not only help you with your next purchase or refinance, it is my goal to become your LENDER for LIFE.
My goal is to make you so happy with the service you receive you would be more than happy to refer my name to friends, family or co-workers as you go on through life. I am happy to be your trusted adviser in your corner 24/7 .

Here is the million dollar question for everybody. how much home should I buy?

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