Please Refer My Mortgage Services 

Please refer my Florida Mortgage Services

I appreciate it!

It is 100 times easier to drop a name and a number.
Working for referrals on-line is much more complicated but I will make every attempt to do it.
This page outlines how we go about that on
Trulia, Zillow, Google Plus and Yelp. and are sort of real estate specific web sites but Google Plus and Yelp apply for any type of business for anyone searching on their phone.

This especially applies to mortgage lending and real estate services.
 We would like to think that our advertising , product knowledge and stunning good looks are so strong that we will always have an in box full of leads, but when it comes down to it, 25% of all our leads come from advertising and 75% of our leads come from referrals from previous happy customers.
This is why we are calling on everyone to pass the word so to speak. (On-line) A few kind words on Trulia and /or Zillow will make the difference when someone is shopping for a South Florida Mortgage Banker and a mortgage.

Not only are these referrals the majority of our business, these referrals are our best business.
There is nothing better than revisiting an old client or friend of an old client and reliving a happy memory for both of us. Conquering home ownership is an achievement that people never forget.

Then we move on to the new and exciting task in front of us.

 Once again, I appreciate it

Trulia & Zillow : and are probably the most dedicated web sites for Real Estate and Mortgage Banking. On each there is a place to make a profile and tell a story. I have always focused on Trulia more because I always felt their site was much better. Recently, I was told that Zillow purchased Trulia so we should see more similarities and now I am trying to get on both more than in the past.

If you visit my Trulia profile you will see about 20 on line testimonials of what a great job I did for my clients. I am hoping to add more.

Trulia Blog Preston ware

In each case their system allows us to send you a request for recommendation, which the customer can respond too if he or she chooses to do so. I usually give a call ahead of time to let you know it is on the way.


Here is my profile on Trulia:

Click on reviews to read some from some of my favorite clients telling there story.

Here is my profile on


Google Plus is probably the best place to give a referral because it directly effects how the Google search engine responds to local requests. If you are not familiar with Google plus, it is sort of Google’s version of Facebook and Twitter rolled into one. Each individual fills out a profile and adds friends and contacts in much the same way you do it on Facebook.
Once you have established a profile and added friends you can post and be specific about the categories you are commenting on and send your comments to others of similar interests.

You can also recommend any type of business including me.
I am listed under my name Preston Ware

These reviews attach themselves to local queries based on the relevancy of what is being searched. Try searching my name Preston Ware and add contact and make a recommendation.

Yelp is to Apple phones and products as Google is to Android phones and Windows products. If clients are searching mobile devices with a mobile app such as Safari, Yelp is the basis for the results that come up.  Here is my Yelp profile which is in the beginning stages but it follows the same concepts as Google Plus. The more the merrier.

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