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If you are in need of short term financing for investment properties in Florida,
you have come to the right place.


Financing for investment properties and private money financing for short term investment properties is very busy right now. Excellent terms make it reasonable for the private investor to borrow 80% and speculate on more homes. 

 We are seeing gradual appreciation in home values so investors who can spot a deal and fix it up are doing well and thriving using private money financing. This type of financing is available for Contractors, Realtors, Investors in Palm Beach County and anywhere in Florida as long as you have 20% to put down and you have some type of a track record buying, fixing up and selling investment properties.

Private money loans are available for Investment properties only.

The purpose of this page is to overcome objections from the naysayers that say 12% interest only and 3 points is too much.
I am going to do the math a few times for you, assuming the actual numbers, a 15% profit, and a 20% profit.

This is an actual example from an actual customer.
This house that was purchased for $218,300.

West Palm Beach Private Money Financing

Let's do the math
$218,300 Purchase Price
$35,000 in Fix-Ups
3 points to the private money source plus standard closing costs
$218,300 + $35,000 x .80% = $ 202,640
3 points is $6000 above what you would pay if you used your own money.

There are other closing costs that have nothing to do with the loan
assume 1.5% = $3000.

The interest only payment on $202,640 is $2026.40.
Let's assume you had to carry the payment for four months. That is $8105.

Total Investment and risk: $219,745
The investor turned around and sold the home for $320,000

Here is the total:

1st lien - $202,640
points - $6000
other closing costs - $3000
carrying costs $8000

sub total : $219,640

sold for $320,000

Net Profit: $100,255

By leveraging his buying power our investor is able to flip more homes simultaneously.

Obviously the Investor did very well on this one.
Hypothetically, a 15% capital gain on the sale would have yielded the Investor $15,640.

A 20% capital gain on this sale would have yielded the Investor $$26,555

Private Money Loans - Florida

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