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If you live in Lake Worth Florida or the neighboring towns of Boynton Beach, Delray Beach,
Boca Raton and are in need of a Reverse Mortgage , you have come to the right place.
This is the type of loan that sometimes needs a little extra customer service and I am prepared to follow through.

Reverse Mortgages Lake Worth

Preston Ware
NMLS #216170

20 Years Experience in Florida

I am writing a separate page for my customers in my immediate area of
Lake Worth, Boynton Beach,Delray Beach and Boca Raton because there is something to be said for the extra customer service that is sometimes needed when doing a reverse mortgage or HECM.
Namely the door to door service.

On TV, we see a lot of commercials sponsored by some celebrities but when it comes down to it, are these guys going to give you the customer service of visiting you at your home to get your loan done?

This kind of service that is extra important when you have a borrower who IS NOT SAVVY with the task of emails and scanning and attaching documentation and so forth.  This is where I help you doing business the old fashion way by meeting with you face to face most likely at the subject property.

Prior to our visit, I will have to ask a few questions that will allow us to tell you on day 1 , what we can offer you. After you answer the questions, it will take my favorite reverse mortgage wholesaler one day to put together a very detailed 67 page presentation about your specific situation. These numbers hold up right to the end of the process when we confirm the value of your home with an appraisal.

The questions are:

1.) What is your name?
2.) What is your age and if you have a spouse what is his or her age?
3.) What is the physical address of the home you live in?
4.) Do you owe on a mortgage on this home. If so what is the balance
5.) How much do you think your home is worth?
6.) How do you want your money?


Answering these questions allows me to provide a very detailed report about you. This report is full of definitions and frequently asked questions and tells you exactly what is available for you.

If decide to go forward, before I can even disclose to you, you must first pass a reverse mortgage counseling session that is done entirely over the phone. It can be done in one day and costs $150.

Every reverse mortgage client is required to take a mandatory reverse mortgage counseling class that is done this way. They are very thorough and sponsored by HUD and will even call back and check up on you.

Once the borrowers pass their pop quiz they will be issued a certificate that is needed to show to my underwriter. Once this is signed off , we can finish the loan. As a closing condition you will be asked to furnish the original completion certificate.

Comparing a Reverse mortgage to a forward mortgage, getting one is actually a very easy process nowadays:

This is where I like to talk about a reverse mortgage as sort of an opposite mortgage. Getting a regular forward mortgage in today's world actually involves a bit of effort and qualifying. You will need to have a job for 2 years and decent credit and qualify for x amount and have some savings to put down.

A reverse mortgage is the opposite.
You don't need a job, you don't need fantastic credit and you don't need any money.
All you need is a house with some equity and be at least 62 years old. The underwriter will figure the rest. Here are some common reasons customers choose a reverse mortgage.

What does come up in the final processing is that we need to verify that in the last two years you have paid your taxes on time, your homeowners insurance on time and the HOA dues have been paid on time. For most people that is not a problem.

This is really simple qualifying if you think about it.

Reverse Mortgage Boynton Beach

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