Home Buyer Video Workshop 

This series of mortgage related videos will help provide little pointers as to the things you should be expecting and keeping in the back of your mind as you approach the purchase of your home. Hopefully the videos will prompt more questions and help make you an educated consumer. Also please see my series entitled the mortgage process.



      Interest Rates have started to rise but relatively speaking rates are still at historic lows

Please take the time to review these videos. If you have any questions after you are done , please call or email. I am here to help!

These were made about a few years ago but the process is still pretty much the same.

First Time Home Buyer Workshop Video #1

It is a great time to buy right now. This is the first installment in a series of eight episodes. In many areas, Home prices have fallen and been discounted by as much as 40%. Tune in and email me with any questions you may have.



First Time Home Buyer Workshop Video #2 

 This episode discusses what happens when we first submit your file online. We submit to an "underwriting engine in the sky" so to speak. The system will give us a feedback that reads "approve eligible" or "refer with caution". That feedback will determine whether or not you are in a position to go buy a house.



First Time Home Buyer Workshop Video #3 

 This episode talks about using alternate forms of credit to qualify for FHA. Borrowers can show a good rent history,phone,electric,car insurance history along with a steady job and go get approved



First Time Home Buyer Workshop Video #4 

 This episode begins the discussion about how to clean up problem credit. You can either try writing the credit bureaus or you can settle the debts through a payment plan or a one time negotiation. I can help you with this. Call me 704-542-8057



First Time Home Buyer Workshop Video #5 

 Settling bad debts can be done by either entering into a program where you make a monthly installment or you can settle them immediately by employing someone like myself. In most cases we can settle debts for 25 cents on the dollar. If you wait too long, the debt will become a judgment accompanied with a rate of 11 to 18% that is more difficult to settle.



First Time Home Buyer Workshop Video #6 

 This video discusses how much house is appropriate for you to buy. Based on what the agencies refer to as the "front and back ratio", I will let you know if you are a good candidate to go buy a particular size home. Usually we can arrive at a range of home prices so you will have some leeway.



First Time Home Buyer Workshop Video #7 

 Show me the money! This video talks about how we source your money that will be using to buy the home. 3.5% plus closing costs for FHA, 5% if you are getting a gift, 0% down for USDA overnment sponsored financing. The funds have to be from a qualified source e.g a checking account or a gift from relatives, no mattress money allowed.



First Time Home Buyer Workshop Video #8 

 This is the final installment in my series. I have another series called the "mortgage process" that deals with all of the details that you need to know once you have actually sent your loan to the bank.



Please feel free to give me your feedback. These videos are a little rough  and were made by myself, not in a production studio , but I feel some information is better than no information. To continue with the series and learn what takes place once you file is in process, please see :

My Mortgage Process Series

Please download the "Special Information Booklet". This is a 100 page booklet that is provided to every first time home buyer. This booklet is very informative and good material for repeat customers as well . SpecialInformationBooklet.pdf 

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