I always make it a point to use the Best Wholesale Sources in the Country.

My favorite source has a campaign that they are in that shows how dedicated to me and you the client.

They are my wholesale lender or source but they are not he whole tail lender that trys to steal my valued customer. They let me know if there might be an opportunity for any previous customer but that customer is always my customer and not theirs.

No Wholetail lending

It is not as bad as it sounds.
Basically Brawl is all about my wholesaler not soliciting my customers.

I like to think that my current work status is the best configuration for you the customer. I hang my license at a small swift company that sends it's loans to the largest wholesaler in the country.

They give me the world class service and unbelievable rates as do I, but at the same time they make a promise not to solicit my customers. That's my job.

Whole Tail Lending reminds me of back in the day when we were brokering with the likes of Wells Fargo, Chase, Bank of America, etc and then all of a sudden we were competing come refinance time.
Definitely a story of David vs Goliath or perhaps the small guy against the 800 lb guerilla.

My favorite source for your loan will never solicit you directly. They will let me know there may be an opportunity for you.

I will take it from there...

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