Whether you are buying or selling Marc Jablon should be your Favorite Go Too Boca Raton Real Estate Agent.

If you happen to live in Delray Beach or Boynton Beach he should also be your favorite go to Delray Beach Realtor or favorite go to Boynton Beach Real Estate Agent. Let me tell you why.

I say this because I have worked with Marc Jablon and the Jablon Team for about five years now and I see it happen in the form of some amazing service. As a mortgage banker, I meet all types of Realtors and I often think about what makes a good realtor. This is a very subjective list but here are a few key points that I think are important.

I like to work with a Realtor who picks up his/her phone- This is how business gets done. Business does not get done by emails or texts or voice messages. Those forms of communication simply do not cover enough ground in a short period of time. Marc picks up his phone.

I like to work with Realtors who do not talk about themselves all day long. I don’t know why this is such a common personality trait but it is. I suppose to get business they have to self promote but I have seen this to the point where it is laughable. I recall several closings where Realtor A and Realtor B sat there and one up’d each other the whole closing completely forgetting about what a big day it was for their client. Marc is more concerned about you.

Other things that make a good realtor:

It is very important that the Realtor shows up for all the events of the file including appraisals, home inspections, dealing with HOA’s and management companies and title companies and anything coming from the opposing Realtor side of the transaction. You would be amazed how many Realtors delegate by doing nothing.

Being able to deal with folks from all walks of life including old people, young people, busy people, lazy people, smart people, mentally challenged people, people who are impeccable, people who have selective memory, ADD people, the list goes on.

Another great aspect of a good real estate agent is to be able to go out of his comfort zone. My last closing with Marc was in Saint Lucie County. Neighborhoods foreign to Marc but he found the customer a home that was appraised at $20,000 over purchase price and he still managed to get the customer a $5000 closing cost credit! That’s a good Realtor!

Marc Jablon and the Jablon Team are probably the leading agents in Huntington Pointe Delray Beach for example. Huntington Pointe is probably one of the nicest adult communities (55 and over) in Delray beach Florida but at the same time the Jablon Team is well equipped to help the younger first time homebuyers and help them well.

Marc is also able to help the higher end luxury home buyer who is looking at the luxury condos in Boca or perhaps luxury oceanfront properties in Delray Beach such as the Pelican Harbour community.

Obviously I am a little biased here but ask your realtor if he or she can produce a long list of video recommendations or testimonials from their customers.

My friend Marc can that is why I think you should consider him your favorite go-too, tuned in Boca Raton Real Estate Agent.